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Assemblées Générales


 - Mai 2015 

 - Mai 2014

 - Juin 2013

 - Novembre 2012

 -Juin 2012



FVE Assemblée Générale - 5 et 6 juin 2015 - IASI

 3) Adoption of the agenda


 4) Adoption of minutes of the last GA Meeting


 6) Elections FVE Board of Directors

   a) Nominations received and Rules of Procedure

        Letter of support - Arne Skjoldager


 7) Financial matters

   d) Nomination of new member for Financial Committee :

        Pascal Fanuel CV - FC

        Jan Bernardy CV - FC

        Cornelia Rossi-Broy CV - FC


 8) Medicines

   a) Update on revision of medicines and medicated feed legislation

   b) Update work done by Medicines Working Group


 9) Animal Welfare

   b) Update activities inthe field of Animal Welfare (AW action plan)

   c) FVE position paper on use of animals in circuses (paper)


 12) One Health issues

   b) Food safety and quality

     i) Food Chain Information Guidance Document (Core Text)

     ii) Herd health planning

  c) Conclusion s from the FVE conference on animals disasters


 13) Professional Matters/Statutory Bodies

   a) Statutory Bodies Working Group

     ii) Position paper to promote regulation of the veterinary profession

   b) Update on ECCVT

     i) Adopted ECCVT paper on Day-1 Compétences and the European System of Veterinary Evaluation


  National report Germany

  National report Finland



 Agenda of the Stray dog conference - 3 juin IASI

FVE Assemblée Générale - Du 06 au 08 juin 2013 à MARIBOR



 Draft Agenda  for the Statutory Bodies Meeting on 7th June from 7.30 – 9.30h


 Agenda point 4 - Adoption of Minutes of the last General Assembly Meeting (FVE/12/am/061)


-      Agenda point 6 - Elections FVE Board of Directors (FEV/13/doc/019) - ELECTIONS

Bud      a) Nominations received and Rules of Procedure


 -     Agenda point 7 - Membership application German Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierärzte (BPT) - FOR APPROVAL


       Agenda point 8 - Application Internal Financial audit

           a) FVE Financial report - VOTE

           b) FVE internal audit position - JASON K ALDISS  - VOTE

           c) CV - JASON K ALDISS



       Agenda point 9 - Proposal for changing FVE By-Laws and Internal Rules (FVE/13/doc/015) - DISCUSSION ANS POSSIBLE VOTE


       Agenda point 11 - Professional Matters/Statutory bodies

            a) VetCEE questionnaire - FOR DISCUSSION

            c) Veterinary labour market : CZ/PO/SK request for discussion (11_request_cz_pl_sk)


       Agenda point 14Animal welfare 

            a) Presentation of Veterinary Day-1 competencies on Animal Welfare (Executive Summary and full paper) - FOR APPROVAL

            b) Full report on Animal Welfare Day



FVE Assemblée Générale - Du 15 au 17 novembre 2012 à BRUXELLES


Agenda point 4 - Adoption of Minutes of the last General Assembly Meeting (FVE/012/AM/034) 

-     Agenda point 7 - Financial matters

Bud      a) Revision budget 2013 (FVE/12/dosc/56)

-     Agenda point 8 - FVE Comments on the Draft proposal for the European Union Animal Health Law (FVE/12/doc/AHL/001_October_2012)

-     Agenda point 9 - One Health

a          a) Definition of a Veterinarian (FVE/12/docs/008a_rev9)

           c) Conclusion FVE - Cyprus presidency confernece on "Import & keeping of exotic animals in Europe" (draft_conclusions)

      Agenda point 10

            a) Workshop 1 : Modernisation of meat inspection ( 

                FSVF-SNGTV : courrier "vétérinaire et paquet hygiène" - Mai 2011

      Agenda point 12 - Professional Qualifications Directive

            b) Update revision minimum training requirements (annex V update) (FVE/12/docs/58)

-     Agenda point 13 - Recommandations regarding veterinary involvement in bee health    

      Agenda point 19 - Non-commercial movement (FVE/12/am/063)


      Draft report on the Microbial Challenge - Rising threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (FVE/12/cor/046)


      Guidelines for presentations to the FVE GA


      Représentation française - Réunion du 31 octobre 2012

      Projet de compte rendu de la réunion du 31 octobre 2012 

      Compte rendu de la réunion du 25 mai 2012